Col. Darron L. Wright Award

Darron Wright

Thanks to a generous donation from the Blake and Bailey Foundation, Line of Advance is presenting the 2019 Colonel Darron L. Wright Award. Like us, Darron Wright was a soldier: a larger than life infantry commander with several tours under his belt. And also like us, Col. Wright was a writer: a thoughtful, reflective artist, eager to tell the truth about his men with compassion and a commander’s eye.

This award is presented in his name in an effort to honor his memory. We will accept entries in two categories: poetry, and prose writing. As we here at LOA see the line between fiction and non-fiction as nebulous anyway, the category of “prose” writing can be either fiction, non-fiction, or something in the middle.

The 2019 Wright Prize results are here. Thanks to everyone who submitted his or her work. They were all done with care and effort and honesty. We received many prose submissions. Some were from regular contributors and some from new voices. The same goes for the poetry submissions. The finalists for the prose category are: first place, William Upton’s “A Jeep to Quang Tri,” second place, Brian Kerg’s “American Spirit,” and third place, Travis Klempan’s “Talisman.” The finalists for the poetry category are: first place, Eric Chandler’s “How Could You Do That,” second place, Sarah Maples’s “Good Soldier,” and third place, Randy Brown’s “Robert Olen Butler Wants Nachos.”




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