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  • Because a nation deserves to hear its veterans’ stories

    Stephen Ambrose. Kurt Vonnegut. Tim O’brien. J.D. Salinger.  Some of the finest writers in American history served in the U.S. military in times of war. Line of Advance is a non-profit literary journal committed to providing a platform for the voices of the next wave of great American writers. Join us and take part in the American literary experience.

  • Writers.

    We are currently accepting submissions of writing and photography for several upcoming issues. We’re committed to promoting and helping to develop veteran writers and visual artists. If you have work to submit, work for review, or even just a question, please reach out to us. You’re the reason we’re here.

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    Line of Advance was created for you, to provide a curated platform for the best in writing and other visual arts from American military veterans. Please check out a recent issue, browse the site to learn more, or make a small financial contributor if you’re able.

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    Volume 4

    Line of Advance Volume 4

    Eric Chandler • Erick Mackey • Travis Klempan • Robert Levonas • Samuel Chamberlain • Anguish Cavanaugh • David S. Pointer
    by Mitch Hooper

    Volume 3

    Line of Advance Volume 3

    Sarah Maples • Steven Catfish McDaris • F.S. Blake • Mitch Hooper • Jesse Suhanec • Brian Kerg
    Line of Advance Volume 2

    Volume 2

    Line of Advance Volume 2

    Dave Buchanan • Mickey Tissot • Randy Brown • Chris Whitehead • Anguish Cavanaugh • David Pointer • Travis Klempan
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    Volume 1

    Line of Advance Volume 1

    Porter Goodman • Andrew H. Miller • Doug D'Elia • Kyle Cianchetta • Mitch Hoopers • Chris Whitehead • Frank Dixon • Mickey Tissot
November 1, 2015

News and Reviews


  I’ve never been in the turret before. My thumbs rest on the butterfly triggers of the M240, metal still cool in the desert sun. Am I pushing too hard? The safety’s on anyway. Wait, is the safety on? Where’s the safety? Oh damn. I take my thumbs off the triggers. No, I was in… Read More

October 25, 2015

Veterans and the Arts

Fire Breather

            “Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake.”  Jake wasn’t responding even though Odi was increasing in volume at a constant rate. Maybe Jake was just pretending to still be asleep because he already knew it wasn’t important. Odi could never tell what Jake would think was important, and he couldn’t remember if dragons were a good… Read More

The Soapbox

Disraeli Gears

There were signs of the British wars in that part of the country. Still signs, as though time passed differently in Afghanistan. It was as if time hadn’t passed at all, not in any real way, for a hundred years. Maybe the ones on television had changed, the rich ones that schooled at Oxford and… Read More

May 28, 2015

News and Reviews

Road Construction by Samuel Chamberlain

  Chris loosens his grip after knuckling the steering wheel for hours, hits the brake, and brings the truck to a stop behind a line of vehicles. His old Ford 150 burns rich and the smell of fuel too strong to let the pickup idle. So he kills the engine. Plus there’s no use wasting… Read More

April 23, 2015

News and Reviews

The Forgotten Hero IV by Marsha Ortega

Bama’s Story A Cry for Help He was born. He lived for 21 earth years.  He died tragically, 2 months before his 22nd birthday. What happened in between is the story. As a baby he ate voraciously; sometimes not satisfied.  As a toddler he devoured his food and chocolate cake on special occasions with a… Read More

February 5, 2015

News and Reviews

The Forgotten Hero III by Marsha Ortega

by Marsha Ortega This is the story of an American family at war and the son whose life, and then death, are haunted by the specter of PTSD. Part III Gucci Man’s Best Friend It was September 2009.  Brent had been home from Afghanistan for a month when he informed me that he and Tico… Read More


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