Because a nation deserves to hear her veterans’ stories

Line of Advance is currently accepting submissions of creative writing for publication in several of our upcoming issues. If you’re on the fence, we encourage you to submit your work as an opportunity to receive feedback from a committee of professional writers and editors who are sensitive to the experiences of veterans.

* We are also accepting small quantities of photography for publication as well. Please email us for details.

Submission Guidelines

Type of Work

Line of Advance publishes creative writing in any format, including (but not limited to) short stories, flash fiction and poetry. We also publish, in limited quantities, original photography and other forms of visual art. All submitted work is subject to the approval and review of our editorial committee.


Line of Advance publishes the creative writing of U.S. military veterans and soldiers. While we will, on a case-by-case basis publish work under a pseudonym, we do require proof of military service prior to publication. Any writers approved for publication will be contacted individually via email for copies of their DD214 or military identification card.


As a non-profit literary journal, Line of Advance does not currently pay for published works. Work that has been published in any edition of Line of Advance will be entered in an annual awards review, for which financial awards and other prizes may be awarded.

Submission Form

 Active Duty/Reserve Veteran

About your Submission

Terms of Submission
By submitting your work to Line of Advance you agree to the following. Line of Advance will review your work for quality and suitability for publication. Submission of work does not guarantee publication. As with any creative effort, this review will be subjective to the taste and judgment of the Line of Advance editors committee. Any offer of publication made by Line of Advance will be subject to verification of the artist’s military service. By submitting your work to Line of Advance you agree, if your work is selected for publication, to provide Line of Advance with First Right of Publication for the submitted work. If your work is selected for publication, you agree not to publish the submitted work to any other publication within six months of publication the date Line of Advance first publishes your submitted work. By submitting your work to Line of Advance you agree, if your work is selected for publication, to grant Line of Advance the right to publish your work, name, photograph and short bio on any medium under the Line of Advance name for a period of twenty-four (24) months. In exchange for these rights, Line of Advance offers the value of publication, if your work is selected for publication.

By checking this box and submitting my work for publication, I agree to above Terms of Submission with Line of Advance, NFP


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