Help support a project that truly helps veterans and provides a needed voice into the literary community.

Thousands of veterans are returning to their communities, to their lives, and finding that they need communities designed to help them move forward. To advance. Some of the greatest writers in history of our country served in the military at some point in their lives, and much of their writing was colored by or informed by the experience. Your support helps ensure that the next wave of great American veteran writers can find their voice, and that a community exists to help provide a platform for their work. Join us, it’s worthy of the effort. And thank you for your support.

A lot of non-profit organizations promise you rewards or gifts for your support, but they’re just spending your money to do so. We hope that our gratitude and the success of Line of Advance will be enough thanks.

Your financial support will allow Line of Advance to:

  • Review and edit submissions without charging a submission fee (like many journals)
  • Work with developing writers to help get them in a place where their work can be published
  • Award prizes to veteran writers in our annual writing contest
  • Keep the lights on in our 150sqft office

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