COL Darron L. Wright Award Winners

Thanks to all the writers who submitted for the 2018 Darron L. Wright Award. We loved reading your work and are inspired by the creativity and ingenuity it took to write these pieces.

The winner of the short fiction contest is “Some Kind of Storm“ by Travis Klempan.

Second place goes to “Green“ by Brian Braden.

Third place goes to “October’s Daughter” by Brian Kerg.

Other finalists were “Fumes” by D.A. Gray and “Maneuvering Watch or A Way to Punch Holes in the Sea” by Jude Griggs.

The winner of the Poetry contest is “No Rolling, Shrink” by Ryan Stovall.

Second Place Goes to “Inshallah Manana” by Randy Brown.

Third place goes to “Maneuvering” by Colin Sargent.

Other finalists for poetry were “Night Hump, Quantico,” “KD Range,” and “RIMPAC, USS Bonhomme Richard” by Dark Laughter and ”Light Pollution” by D. A. Gray.

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